Top 5 Facts about DWTS New Pro Dancer Allison Holker!

Allison Holker Bio

Dancing With the Stars is welcoming professional dancer Allison Holker into their family. Here are some interesting biographical facts about Allison that you all must know about!

#1 She is 26 and from Utah and former L.A Devils dancer!

Allison Holker Los angeles devils pic

Allison Holker Los angeles devils

Allison Holker was born Allison Renae Holker  in Orem, Utah on February 6, 1986.

#2 Early dancer and teacher

Allison Holker dwts pic

She was just 4 when she started her dance lessons, by the time she was 16 she was a dance teacher.

#3 Has danced at the Olympics and for Disney

Allison Holker High School musical

Allison danced at the opening ceremony at the 2002  Winter Olympics as well as  the first two High School Musical films.

#4 Has been a backup dancer for various celebs, and t.v shows.

Allison Holker Christina Perry

She was a backup dancer on the X Factor USA, Demi Lovato, toured with Clay Aiken and was featured in Christina Perry’s music video Jar of Hearts.

#5 Allison Holker is married and a proud momma!

Allison Holker Stephen Boss weddingAllison Holker daughter Weslie Fowler

She got married to dancer Stephen Boss aka “tWitch” on December 10, 2013. Her daughter Weslie Fowler was born in May, 2008.


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