Who is NBC Digital producer Carlo Dellaverson’s Girlfriend?


30-year-old Carlo Dellaverson was busted Tuesday for secretly making a video of his girlfriend having sex with him on Valentines Day — and posting it on a **** web site, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Mr. Dellaverson happens to be an NBC News digital producer. After his graduation from the University of Richmond, he lived in a series of “three frat-pad apartments with three guys. A report about his living situation was published in the NYtimes saying

“if there was breaking news I would have to be there forever,” he said. The roommate situation became impractical. “They would be sitting around drinking beers and listening to music and I was like, I gotta get up in three hours.”

The 2012 article describes his struggle to find an affordable place to live and how he had to move back to  his parents house but eventually bought a place for $425,000 and moved in 2012 late spring.


Carlo allegedly hid a camera in the apartment he shared with his 29-year-old gal pal on Barrow Street in Greenwich Village, the sources said. That is the same place the 2012 article talks about.


Now his victim and former girlfriend, –who discovered the x-rated video several months later –filed a police report and Dellaverson was charged Tuesday morning with disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment.

Mr. Dellaverson started a job at NBC News in 2009. He was also news editor for the show “Rock Center with Brian Williams and is currently working for the Peacock station’s online division. He is the son of Gary Dellaverson, a former top MTA official.


Carlo’s ex who stars with him in the steamy footage has not been identified; according to online sources the gal was stunned to find the video on the accused perv’s home computer; she immediately dumped Dellaverson and moved out of the apartment. She later sent emails to Carlo asking him why he had posted the video for the world to see and she got confirmation on his reply of uploading the footage online.

What would you do if you were Carlo’s girlfriend?

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