Adam West’s Wife Marcelle Tagand Lear

Marcelle Tagand Lear

Marcelle Tagand Lear; was the third wife of actor Adam West, known for his roles in ABC’s series Batman and the Robinson Crusoe on Mars among others. Mr. West died from leukemia on June 9, 2017; he was 88.

Adam West born William West Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington on September 19, 1928.
He first starred as Bruce Wayne in William Dozier’s t.v series Batman alongside Burt Ward who starred as Robin in June 1966; they reunited for the released of the Batman film on July 30, 1966.

Batman is perhaps one of Adam West most memorable work, that said he starred in an array of films and television shows.

As noted Mrs. Marcelle Tagand Lear was his third wife. He first married Billie Lou Yeager on August 27, 1950; at that time West had just finished his last year of college, and Billie Lou was a 17-year-old high school graduate. Their marriage was fun for a while, they didn’t have any children and eventually divorced in 1956.

A year later, he met a beautiful Hawaiian gal Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson aka Ngahra Frisbie, who became his second wife that same year. Mrs. Frisbie gave birth to their daughter Jonelle in 1957 and a son, Hunter in 1958.

Both Hunter and Jonelle followed his steps, Jonelle is a film producer, production assistant, and stunt who has work in several films like The Italian Jon and Flicka; her brother Hunter work in the special effects department for films like The Rock, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and F/X2.
But their marriage couldn’t keep up with his fame, and ultimately his lack of work after Batman ended; they ended up divorcing in 1962.

Here is when Marcelle Tagand Lear, enters the picture.

Where and when was Marcelle Tagand Lear born

There’s not much information about Marcelle Tagand Lear’s early life, her exact birth date is also not known. Online sources only date her birth year being, 1941.

According to her social media, she is orginally from Annemasse, France.

Marcelle Tagand Lear Net Worth

Accoridng to most recent sources, Marcelle Tagand Lear has an stounding net worth of approximately $30 million.
Her wealth stems directly from her husband’s successful career, her husband made a considerable amount during the height of his career in Hollywood.
In addition to numerous film appearances, their earnings also include two books, Climbing the Walls (1984) and Back to the Batcave (1994).

Marcelle Tagand Lear Relationships

Marcelle Tagand Lear married twice during her lifetime. She was a divorcee when she met Adam West, who later became her second husband.

Her first husband was executive and aviator John Lear, a Learjet exec whose father was Bill Lear -the founder of the Lear Jet Corporation. During their marriage they welcomed two children, Jill and Moya.

Through her marriage to the airplane heir John Lear, Marcelle Tagand Lear became sort of a socialite and had the chance to meet other rich and famous people including Adam West.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

Lear divorced her husband and shortly afterwards, she and West were wedded.

Marcelle Tagand Lear Late husband Adam West

William West Anderson was born in Washington in 1928, and was drafted into the US Army, where he worked for the American Forces Network. After being discharged, he settled in Hawaii, where he landed his first television roles, and later moved to Hollywood, California. There, he played in shows such as Sugarfoot, Lawman, Overland Trail, and others. He was particularly known as the spokesperson for Nestle’s Quik, playing a James Bond-style character called Captain Quik, which helped him land the role for which he would be best known.

West’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s Batman in the campy, 1966 television show and film helped establish his career as an actor.

Following his time on Batman, West found himself typecast, but appeared in a number of films and television shows, such as Bonanza, Fantasy Island, and The Last Precinct. He also reprised his role as Batman in several animated shows, such as The New Adventures of Batman, and Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show.

In recent decades, West established a resurgence, aided by appearances as himself in Fox’s animated comedy, Family Guy, and voiced characters in a variety of shows, such as The Simpsons, Futurama, and even Batman: The Animated Series.

The actor died after a short battle with leukemia in 2017. He was 88 years old.

Marcelle Tagand Lear Wedding

Marcelle Tagand Lear divorced first husband John Lear and on November 7, 1970, she married actor Adam West.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

It was the second marriage for Marcelle Tagand Lear and the third for Adam West. The two were married for 47-years, until his passing.

Marcelle Tagand Lear favorite hobbies

There’s no clear information regarding Marcelle Tagand Lear favorite hobbies, however, she always made sure her husband pursued his personal interest.

According to Marcell, her husband enjoyed fishing and hunting but also neglected a hobby he had always shied away from: painting.
According to an article by Whitman College in 2006, she always believed her husband was a serious painter.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

The couple hosted a temporary art exhibit in Ketchum in 2016; where West had the chance to show his work of which he said

“My paintings capture the humor, zaniness and depth of the Batman villains as well as the Freudian motivations of Batman as an all-too-human, venerable and funny vigilante superhero”

Marcelle Tagand Lear age, height and weight

Marcelle Tagand Lear is currently in her early 80’s. Her heeight and weight have not been disclosed.

Where can I find Marcelle Tagand Lear

Marcelle Tagand Lear has a Facebook account in which she goes by Marcelle West.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

Given her age it is unlikely Marcelle Tagand Lear is active in any other form of social media.

How successful is Marcelle Tagand Lear

Thanks to her high profile marriages, Marcelle Tagand Lear is considered a socialite and former celebrity spouse.

She was married to John Lear but is best recognized as the third wife of late Hollywood actor, Adam West, who portrayed the role of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman on the ABC television series ‘Batman’ and its theatrical feature film back in the 60’s.

During both her marriages, she often accompanied her two husbands to various occasions and events. Most notably, she stood beside Adam West when he received his star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ on April 5, 2012.

She is a mother of four children, two from her first marriage and another two from her second.

Where did Marcelle Tagand Lear meet Adam West

Marcelle Tagand Lear actually met West through her first husband, at a promotion for Learjets. During production of the Batman film in 1966, the studio needed a sophisticated jet to appear as the “Bat Jet” during an action scene. Lear was brought in to provide the machinery, and West returned the favor by appearing as Batman at a promotional event, where he posed for publicity shots with the airplane heir.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

It was here that Lear first met her future husband. According to People, Mercelle said about seeing Adam in the famous costume

“I saw Adam in costume and thought, ‘This is very strange. But when he removed the mask, I saw a very attractive man with a good sense of humor.”

Marcelle Tagand Lear and Adam West children

Together with Adam, they welcomed two children. Marcelle Tagand Lear and Adam West children are actress Nina West born in 1976 and son Perrin born in 1979.

Nina West is the chief marketing officer for High Wide & Handsome, an advertising agency in California. She is married to film maker, James Tooley.

How did Marcelle Tagand Lear husband Adam West dated

It is unclear exactly when or how Marcelle Tagand Lear and Adam West became romantically involved or for how long they dated prior to their 1970 nuptials.

What is clear is that as soon as she met the actor, she became interested and West’s sense of humor and handsomeness won her over. They struck a friendship which eventually took a toll in her marriage to John Lear.

Shortly after her divorced from first husband John Lear, she and Adam then proceeded to become husband and wife.

Marcelle Tagand Lear

Their marriage lasted over four decades, proving they were meant to be.

How did Marcelle Tagand Lear help his husband overcome alcoholism

After the cancellation of the Batman series in the late 60’s, West found it difficult to sustain his career.
Come the 1970s, West’s career had officially bottomed out and he turned to alcoholism which ran in his family. He revealed during an interview

“I was doing things I wasn’t very comfortable doing,” “I became very self-destructive. That came from being disillusioned and frustrated. I was bitter when I realized Batman had caused me to lose a lot of roles afterwards.”

It became known that it was thanks to Marcelle Tagand Lear that West eventually pulled out of this low point. She was the one who encouraged him to sober up.

According to Senior City Local, West credited Lear as the main reason he stayed clean and had as successful a career as he did. When asked why she was so special to him, West joked that it was “because she is not understanding – I can’t get away with anything!”

Marcelle Tagand Lear

It was also Marcell’s unwillingness to let him get away with his self-destructive behavior -the reason why they had stayed together for what was then the 44th year of their marriage.

Where does Marcelle Tagand Lear live?

Marcelle Tagand Lear has lived in Ohio for many years, ever since she moved there with West in 1988. She is a resident of Ketchum, Idaho.

What does Marcelle Tagand Lear do now?

Marcelle Tagand Lear leads a quiet life in Ketchum, Idaho.