Spotify Daniel Ek Wife Sofia Levander

Sofia Levander is the gorgeous wife of Daniel Ek, the young Swedish billionaire, a die-hard Arsenal fan but most importantly he is the co-founder and CEO of the music streaming service Spotify.

Daniel Ek Parents

Daniel Ek Wife,Sofia Levander,Martin Lorentzon

Daniel Ek was born on February 21, 1983, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the son of Kerstin Elisabet, his father Daniel Ek Sr. was not part of his life. His mom, later married Hasse Johansson, and he became a father figure for Daniel and his younger brother Felix Ek.

Daniel Ek Wife,Sofia Levander,Martin Lorentzon

Daniel Ek Education

Sofia Levaner husband became a millionaire at age 23, when the Swedish born sold his company Advertigo –an online advertising company. Ek who began making websites from his home at age 13 charging $200 was making $50,000 per month by age 18. He had stints working at Tradera and Stardoll before starting Advertigo.

Daniel Ek attended IT-Gymnasiet (sv) in Sundbyberg and went on to study engineering at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology but didn’t finish. The entrepreneur –who is passionate about music –came up with Spotify in 2008. A decade later Ek, is making Spotify go public.

Daniel Ek Martin Lorentzon

Daniel Ek Wife,Sofia Levander,Martin Lorentzon

Martin Lorentzon, is the co-founder of Spotify along with Daniel Ek, they founded the music stream monster in June 2006. Martin Lorentzon who had been working at Tradedoubler left his job in April 2006 and gave Ek $1 million to get Spotify started.

Initially, Lorentzon served as CEO for Spotify from 2006 to 2013; in 2008 he was also named chair of the board of directors. In October 2015, Martin announced he was stepping down as chairman, Daniel Ek replaced him.

Daniel Ek Net Worth

As of January 2022, Daniel Ek’s Net Worth has been estimated at $3.1 billion; his Spotify partner Martin Lorentzon has a net worth estimated at $4 billion.

How Much Does Daniel Ek Make per Year?

Daniel Ek earns around $384,833.46 per year; his salary comes

Daniel Ek Wife

Daniel Ek Wife,Sofia Levander,Martin Lorentzon

But Ek, isn’t the only star in the family. In fact, his wife Sofia Levander has a pretty impressive resume. Meet her below.

Sofia Levander

Daniel Ek Wife,Sofia Levander,Martin Lorentzon

Sofia Levander, an author who now goes by Sofia Ek was born in Sweden and is three years older than her husband. According to her LinkedIn, Sofia holds a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from Stockholm University as well as a diploma in Media and Advertising from Pace University in New York.

Since graduating college, she has traveled all over working for SmartMoney, a monthly publication of the Wall Street Journal.

Sofia Levander has experience with producing investment reports on Greece, the British Virgin Islands, Libya, and Costa Rica. She is also the author of a memoir titled, The Minefield Girl.

Levander also appeared on a reality show on Swedish TV3 that was based on trying to recreate a Swedish version of Sex and the City. The series was called ‘Svenska Flickor’ (Swedish Girls) and Sofia Levander was compared to Sex and the City’s Samantha.

Sofia Levander and Daniel Ek were together several years prior to their wedding. The couple tied the knot in 2016 at Lake Como. The ceremony was officiated by Chris Rock and Bruno Mars was in charge of the entertainment. Sofia and Daniel Ek are the proud parents of two young children, Elissa and Colinne.