Paul Wilcox – British Man Killed By Shark in Australia


Virtual Coach, trainer and profiler Paul Wilcox has been identified as the man killed by a Great White shark off Byron Bay, where sharks are common in the region but attacks are rare.

He was a qualified Executive Coach through the Coaching Academy in the UK and held certifications in behavioral profiling, group and individual training, and facilitation.

Paul who was believed to be in his 50’s and originally from Warwickshire in England had been living in Byron Bay with his wife, Victoria Wilcox and whom was with him at the time of the horrific attack.

Mr. Wilcox described as a former IT Worker, was  mauled by a great white shark off the coast of Australia’s Byron Bay while he took his daily swim.


Wife Victoria was only a few feet’s way when Paul was bitten on his right leg.

According to his LinkedIn Paul is the founder and director of Refocus Learning, which was established in 2000.


He is described as “an entrepreneur with a passion for human behavior, Paul set up Refocus Learning and developed an extensive suite of programs across Time Management and Communication Skills”

Paul’s broad experience in both sales and coaching allows him to help balance the financial needs of his clients with a strong emphasis on results through people initiatives, ultimately aligning each strategy with the goals of the organization.
During his time in Australia, Paul has continued to develop his ability to understand behavior in the work environment and effect positive change for individuals and teams.
Prior to setting up Refocus, Paul worked in the IT industry, developing sales teams – his role included recruitment, training, coaching and performance management.

Paul was also the author of “Refocus it’s Time;” which is a mixture of experience, research, practical tips and real-life stories to help you focus on effective time management.


The British expat, was bitten above the right knee by what is believed to have been a 13-foot great white shark. He was dragged to shore where his wife of 24 years, Victoria Wilcox, who watched in horror as rescuers tried in vain to resuscitate him.

According to online info about the author, he enjoyed  surfing and martial arts.

His wife was reportedly a former fitness instructor in Sydney and now runs her own business in Byron Bay.

There are a courple of online profiles Paul can be found online. Ourt thoughts and prayers go out to his family.