Shocking VIDEO: Bruna Gobbi- Brazilian Teen girl killed by Shark

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What a sad turn of events, could you imagine being at the beach, sunny day, perfect waves, hanging out with family and having a good time could end up in such a terrible tragedy! Meet Bruna Da Silva Gobbi, an 18-year-old resident of Sao Paulo, who sadly lost her life after she was attacked by a shark.

Her cousin Daniele Souza, who was with her in the water told reporters:

“We knew there were risks of a shark attack but I thought this would occur in a deeper sector,”

Bruna an 18-year-old was bitten by a shark on her leg that was nearly ripped off, after Bruna was attacked on Monday she was rushed to the Restauracao hospital in Recife, her leg was amputated 15 inches below the knee but died hours after her surgery. Hospital officials explained she died shortly after her surgery due to the large amounts of blood she lost and ultimately her injuries were fatal.

A shocking video of the attack shows the young woman is seen struggling to keep her head above the choppy water when a lifeguard on a jetski comes into view.


bruna gobbi attackbruna gobbi-bitten by shark

Bruna was taken in a police vehicle to the Military Emergency Unit (APU). From there an ambulance took her to the Hospital

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Bruna’s family intends to sue the state, according to the girls uncle David Leonardo Alves:

“We have nothing against the firefighters, they worked to save as much Bruna,” acknowledged the girl’s uncle, However, he said, the lifeguards not warned the group that she was about the danger of shark. Vacation in Recife, Bruna Josete was with her mother and two relatives of São Paulo. She and cousins ​​amused themselves in Boa Viagem beach in the morning on Monday and a cousin who entered over the sea was called and warned by firefighters on the risk of drowning due to sea current.

“The firefighters spoke about anything Shark” confirmed Ariane Daniele da Silva Souza, also from São Paulo, a nurse, who lived moments of dread alongside Bruna, her cousin. She said, however, that out of the aunt’s house where they were staying in Olinda, received the warning to beware of sharks and the group came to take photos of a sign indicating the presence of the animal in the area, near the site of the attack . “Imagine a shark seaside, imagine that,” Daniele even joked, before he considered an impossibility, since she and Bruna bathed with water up to the waist. Heartbroken, she told Daniele and Bruna were close to the strip of sand when suddenly began to be pulled by a riptide. Sensed the straying hand and Bruna took longer standing. Remained calm and began to float. Bruna despaired and she heard her cries for help

“get me out of here, help me for God’s sake.” Daniele was 50 meters from the beach in the background and Bruna 45 meters away.

Yesterday, Bruna Gobbi’s body is underwent an autopsy at the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), in Recife.

The beautiful 18-year-old who’s life was cut short by a terrible and unfortunate accident surely will be missed, our thought and prayers go out to her mother, father Valdir Gobbi and rest of her family at this difficult time.