Elizabeth Liz Trujillo- Flavor Flav’s Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Flavor Flav fiancee Liz Trujillo

The first time we heard about Flavor Flav’s girlfriend Elizabeth Trujillo aka Liz Trujillo was when he threw her to the floor twice this year, this same we heard Liz accidentally overdose on pain killers, and today she was rushed to the hospital, did I mentioned she is pregnant?

Elizabeth-liz-trujillo Flavor Flav

Liz Trujillo went through a difficult time last fall when she confronted her longtime partner about his infidelities, he didn’t like being confronted turned aggressive towards Liz; according to the police report Liz was thrown twice  to the floor by her fiancée who also ripped out her earing, her son jumped to defend her,  but then Flav grabbed two knives and chased her older son Gibran Trujillo while holding two knives, Gibran is Liz’ older son from a previous relationship, the rapper was arrested that afternoon and was charged with domestic violence and subsequently booked on two charges — misdemeanor battery and felony assault with a deadly weapon. He subsequently posted $23,000 bail.

Flavor Flav domestic assault arrest mugshotLiz-Trujillo-domestic-assault-injuriesFlavor Flav children

Liz and Flav have one child together, Karma who along his older brother Gibran and his parents appeared on ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” back in January. Liz and Flavor got engaged in May, 2008

flavor_flav_Liz_Trujillo_engagementLiz Trujillo Flavor Flav girlfriend-pics

39-year-old Liz Trujillo and Flavor Flav  agreed to appeared together on VH1’s Couples Therapy

Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav girlfriend pics 

Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav girlfriend photos

an effort to save their 8-year-relationship was in denial about being pregnant with her and Flav’s second child together, she broke down emotionally when she saw the results of her pregnancy test when they came out positive, it became clear that Liz’s emotional state were affecting her health as well, the cam,eras caught the exact moment she pass out while sitting up on her bed