Plumber Luke Sanwo is Josie Gibson ex-fiance!

Luke Sanwo Josie Gibson ex fiance

Seems that the “ugly duckling” is not ugly any more and might be looking for a prince instead of a plumber???

Brit personality girl Josie Gibson left her days as sales rep at Bristol, she was never the same after winning Big Brother 2010.

After her big break she got other several gigs; a perfume deal, she is also a spokes model for Curvissa Clothing, she currently is a weekly animal reporter for Channel 5’s Live With becoming a regular feature on the show and now appears once every week since 2012.

Since April 2012 Gibson has written a column in Now magazine called “Just Josie” but wrote her last column on February saying how she evolved from having a “all over the place life” to business woman!

In her new magazine she wrote:

“Luke and I have had a chat and we’re going to take a break from our relationship.

“Although he’s the nicest boyfriend I’ve ever had and I’ll always call him my Prince Charming, we’ve agreed that we’re more like best friends.

“The passion has been slowly drifting and now it’s pretty much non-existent.

“I feel like it’s the right thing to do.”

So they are calling it quits, what do you think happened?? They were even living together after meeting at a bar in 2011 the pair moved in within a month and now they are both single and houseless! Well it seems like an amicably farewell ..but something is not right here and what’s that?? Could it be that her awesome slim down made this bubbly blond want for something different?? She is looking better than ever

After all she got major attention appearing in magazine shoots and launched her fitness DVD and all she dreams is of becoming a fitness model, wow what a major makeover!

But what’s going on with 25 year old Luke now?? We can read on his twitter account fully qualified, fast friendly and reliable, plumbing, heating & gas service at competitive rates…anyone in need of a handy man??

Luke is currently looking for a house since neither of them want to live in the place they shared together and who knows this might give the relationship some needed flame?? According to Josie she would be devastated if Luke met someone…Wait who can understand this girl?? Or is this only her side of the story and maybe just maybe Luke was the one to let her go?? Well apparently the former heavier star got her macho guy a little startled when she said she would marry her fiancé when she had the time!! Ouch!! Well who ever called it quits …things happen for a reason just relax and get ready to mingle!!

Luke is on Twitter here


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