Jurnee Mroczek- 17-year-old Too Young Too Marry



Fan of reality TV?? Well I have another option for you lover of reality shows! Heard of Oxygen’s “Too Young To Marry” This new docu-series follows the ups and downs of teen couples who are about to tie the knot!

I guess they make them as crazy as possible now a days that; or the creators are real geniuses! Wonder how far this young overnight stars will go to make some money, specially if they don’t have the right legal guidance in her contract also states she can not marry a second time in another reality; or even worse when they are not mature enough to make this kind of decisions but hey! all for the sake of reality TV right! And of course our own entertainment! Let’s meet one of the stars of this show; she is 17 year old Jurnee Mroczek.


Jurnee is no stranger to the camera; she is probably static she got this gig! Perhaps is time to get an agent girl!! This small town girl was born in Mount Pleasant, MI on April 22, 1995.
Jurnee Mroczek has been modeling since the young age of 6; so this has been her dream all along we could think!
She has been working towards her goal and childhood dream nurturing her modeling projects. Back in 2012 she got accepted to compete for 2012 Miss Michigan Teen USA.
She has been all over working with all different photographers.

But I guess her modeling wasn’t enough and now she decided it will be cool to make some cash and get married on TV!! Ok, I have a couple of questions here; did she only do it for the money?? $5,000 to be exact or did she really fell in love of her husband 21 year old Don Atkinson?? The couple met at a V-Ball game in 2009 by the way.

Think is enough money to possibly have messed up her life?? I heard Jersey Shore cast got a lot more than that and didn’t have to sing any “forever contracts, in good and bad, in reach and health…etc., etc. mumble jumble stuff”

There is the other possibility of course ..they might make it happy ever after right?!

Jurnee’s great-grandpa originated from Poland ..hence her name! She loves to travel and hopes to make it to Poland someday,. and since she enjoys traveling so much she prefers to be homeschooled makes sense very convenient..just wondering if she skipped some lessons??

Good for her she made some money and got a hubby as well…not so bad of a deal after all!

You can see her Facebook profile here and follow her twitter here.