Brittanie Weaver- Model caught Peeping Tom taking pics up her Skirt with iPad (PHOTOS)

Brittanie Weaver peeping tom Kevin Lim picture

Meet model Brittanie Weaver she is the fashion model who got her creepy peeping tom taking pics up her dress using his ipad. Want to hear the rest of this story? what about Brittanie Weaver bio? and what about Brittanie Weaver underskirt photos?

Come on people, we are not going to show you  the photos that creep took up Brittanie Weaver’s skirt! but we are going to try to give her a little help in catching this sicko!

According to pretty Brittanie Weaver she took her dog Winston for a shopping spree at Puppy & Me on Ventura Blvd. in the city’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood, when she spotted a weird guy following them around, she said she gave him dirty looks, but not dirty enough to stop and asked if he could pet Winston, while he did that he also took out his ipad  and use it to snapped photos up Brittanie’s skirt!!

Brittanie Weaver peeping tom Kevin Lim

Brittanie Weaver peeping tom Kevin Lim pictureBrittanie Weaver peeping tom Kevin Lim picBrittanie Weaver peeping tom Kevin Lim photo

“He kept following me around and I kept giving him dirty looks,” Weaver explained. “I kept getting weird vibes. When I got to the counter I finally caught him doing it. He looked at me and knew that I caught him.”

“Can I pet your dog?” but he had already been petting Winston repeatedly so when he asked this question he “totally gave himself away,

“The surveillance also shows that before I walked in he had been on the corner and was kind of waiting for me to cross and ran full speed. So he had stalked me before I walked in the store.”

Brittanie WeaverBrittanie Weaver ipad photo

After he was so busted and identified too, thanks to Brittanie who browsed about 200 photos, until she finally found him on LinkedIn.

Weaver’s peeping tom is  a graduated from California State University, Los Angeles alumnus, who has worked as a probation officer and court interpreter, with several restraining orders against him.

“The cops said we may not find him so that’s why I decided to find him myself. It’s weird, things have been filed against him but he was never charged with them. They’re charging him for sure. It’s just a matter of time,”

22-year-old Brittanie Weaver from San Diego, California. Brittanie who is not a pretty face on a perfectly proportionate body is a talented actress who has been into this stuff since she was 8, appeared in tons of  commercials on television after she joined the Screen Childrens Agency.

She moved to L.A after she graduated from high school and well the rest is pretty much history, Ms. Weaver a stunning 5’8” blond has been in music videos for Miguel (Do You, The thrill), In Fear and Faith and Tmills, t.v commercials for Poptart, Cracker Jack, US Census and GoPro Camera.

And ads for Swiss Watch Campaign – Icelink, Philips Electronics, Global, RocknSugar Jewelry, SD2, Spree Girl, John Lennon Collection, Too many Loose Strings Shirts, Reckless Rebel Bikinis, Fancy Swimwear, Cookie Wear, Seven til midnight, Kandy Wrapper Bikinis, NXS Hair Extensions, Love is a Devil Jewelry, 5th Culture, Honeysweet Bikinis, English Laundry, Porsche Starr Lingerie, Charlie M clothing, Tulula clothing, Nu Paris ( couture ) clothing, Stop Staring! Clothing, American chi clothing, Prvcy Denim Macy’s Advertisements, Phax Swimwear, Charlie M clothing, Nap Designs Clothing, Azzure Denim, Fender Clothing, Kami Shad’e Designs, Troc clothing, Kareena’s Trends.

And what about her acting? Brittanie Weaver has been in Chelsea Lately, L.A Doctor, KTLA, The New Girl, Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills 90210, E.R, Good Day L.A and at the 0th season of Entourage.

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