Paul Kirkland: Ballroom dancer Sharna Burgess’ Boyfriend


Meet Paul Kirkland, the boyfriend of DWTS Sharna Burgess. His 29-year-old Australian ballroom dancer gal Sharna Burgess –who is a recurrent professional partner and troupe member on the ABC series Dancing with the Stars –currently paired up with Noah Galloway, just got pretty close and personal to the former U.S. Army soldier!


Alright, alright so not THAT type of close and personal; the beautiful Aussie accidentally  knocked out her “Dancing with the Stars” partner Noah Galloway’s tooth during a rehearsal!


Horrified by the event, she asks Galloway Did I just knock a tooth out?” The Iraq War veteran who lost an arm and a leg in combat, looks understandably annoyed and pained, in the video he is seen walking off.


Sharna who began training in ballet, jazz and gymnastics at age five, chose to study ballroom at age 8 and has traveled over 30 countries as part of the cast of the hit dance sensation, “Burn The Floor” and has also danced in Broadway is currently dating Paul Kirkland who is also a dancer, choreographer, actor, and Artistic Developer .


He is the founder of DANCEFUZION. You can find him on Twitter here.

Below you can see how Burgess swings her leg at Galloway’s face and makes contact. He collapses grabbing his mouth to realize he is toothless.