Columba Bush: Gov. Jeb bush’s wife


Former Florida governor Jeb Bush owned up to his mistake when in 2009 he listed his ethnicity as “Hispanic” on a voter registration form.

Bush who hopes many Hispanic voters consider him an honorary Latino as the 2016 campaign season gets underway, might actually have a shot and we are not talking about his fathers or brothers legacy as presidents but about his lovely wife, who is in fact a Latina.


62-year-old Bush has used his bilingualism to win over Hispanic voters throughout his political career. His ties to the Hispanic community aren’t just through his family: he also lived in Venezuela for two years in his 20s.

Mrs. Bush was born in Mexico as Columba Garnica de Gallo. She met her then future husband while he was an English teacher in Leon, Mexico in 1970; they were married in 1974 in Austin, Texas.


Columba who entered into a highly political family didn’t quite translate to her. Described as a philanthropist, she has shown through the years her reluctance to appear in public and become involved in most of the political duties a wife does. Some would say she has her reasons, she blamed politics for causing tension in her marriage and contributing to her daughter’s battle with drug addiction. When she did weigh into the political sphere, she focused on raising awareness on issues like domestic violence and the arts.

she and her husband of 41-years have three adult children: George P. Bush, Noelle Bush, Jeb Bush, Jr.


When the 61-year-old was presented with her husband’s presidential ambitions, Columba said yes – with one big condition: her husband would spend some time every week with the family each week.



Columba alone could make history, the might have started rough in life with her mom being the sole provider after her father left when she was three, but she could become the first Hispanic first lady and could be an important link to the Hispanic community.

Reports say Columba was estranged from her father who entered the U.S illegally, tried to reach for her and was allegedly shot down by his daughter. His father Jose Maria died in 2013 and was never reconciled to his daughter nor he met any of his three grandchildren.

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