Myka Cain-Freed from prison Ryan Ferguson’s girlfriend


myka cain-ryan ferguson

The prayers of family members, close friends and all those who believed in the innocence of Ryan Ferguson have been finally answered! All those including his beautiful girlfriend Myka Cain.

The Daily Mail reports, Ryan Ferguson, the Missouri man freed from prison on Tuesday after spending almost ten years in prison held an emotional press conference just hours after his release in which he thanked his parents and lawyers for all their support, hugged his girlfriend and spoke of forgiveness for the man responsible for implicating him in the murder in the first place.

Ferguson was convicted for the 2001 murder of local sports reporter Kent Heitholt in Columbia, Missouri. But supporters maintain Ryan was innocent and had NO involvement in the murder. His story has attracted widespread outrage around the world due to the shocking facts in the case and clear evidence of Prosecutorial misconduct.
Ryan’s story has been featured extensively on NBC’s Dateline, CBS’s 48 Hours and in numerous TV reports, magazines and newspapers. Ryan had been in prison since 2004 and was serving a 40-year-sentence. He was arrested at the age of 19 and is now 29. The facts in the case are stunning. The state’s only two ‘witnesses’ have now recanted their testimony and admitted they committed perjury at Ryan’s trial. None of the DNA evidence found at the crime scene, including blood samples, hair and fingerprints matches Ryan. Ryan has taken and passed a full polygraph test. He had no criminal background and no connection to the victim.

We can see the picture below where Ryan Ferguson’s girlfriend, Myka, left, and his mother, Leslie Ferguson, walk up to the Boone County Courthouse in anticipation of Ferguson’s release Tuesday.


One outside, her guy thanked his parents and said without them he wouldn’t have had any hope. He also thanked his ‘beautiful girlfriend’ Myka Cain and ‘an army’ of supporters who backed his claims of innocence through eight years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

He was later spotted along with family, friend and Myka Tuesday evening, enjoying a steak and a beer following his release from prison just a couple of hours earlier.


The couple was pictured for the first time during the festivities , and Myka captioned the image

First picture out as a free man

Myka was a key member and campaigned tirelessly to have his conviction overturned, she studied at Missouri S&T. Her mother is Anita Cain Vannatta and has one brother Ian Vannatta, pictured above.

We couldn’t be happier they are back together and that Ryan can finally move on with his life!

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