Carol Radziwon-WildCat Haven Caretaker Renee Radziwon-Chapman’s Mother

Carol's daughter renee radziwon pic

Last Saturday, Renee Radziwon Chapman, 36, died after being mauled by a cougar at WildCat Haven in Sherwood, Oregon. It is not know if she was attacked by one or two of the cougars.

Carol Radziwon, Renee’s mother, said that her daughter had told her she was worried about safety measures at the sanctuary before the attack. There was no one there to help her she said, “There was no one at the sanctuary, they left her completely alone.”

Carol, who lives in Pennsylvania, also spoke about how happy her daughter was to be a mother. Radziwon said her daughter adored being a mother and loved Noa “more than life.” She is sure that Renee would never have carelessly risked her life.

Renee loved animals and was always bringing home strays, according to her mother. She was passionate about animals. But she was always very careful around them.She would never have broken any of the safety rules as she had written some of them herself when she had started working at the Wildcat Haven. Renee was the only staff person listed on the sanctuary’s website.

Renee’s husband, Aaron Chapman wrote, “Renee was a devoted wife, mother and advocate for animals. He has set up a website where people can donate money that will go to support her six month old daughter, Noa.

Our hearts go out to Renee’s family, especially to her daughter, who will never get to know her mother.