Miranda Doerfler- Burn Notice Married Actor Seth Peterson’s Mistress

Seth Peterson girlfriend Miranda Doerfler

Early this week Daily Entertainment News told you about Kylee Cochran who is heavily pregnant with her third child had filed for divorce after her hubby Burn Notice actor Seth Peterson left her for a 22-year-old side piece, well meet that side piece  more like mistress, Miranda Doerfler.

Miranda Doerfler bio

23-year-old Miranda Doerfler was born on December 28, 1990  in Connecticut to Mrs. Helena Currier Doerfler, 49, and Eric Doerfler, 50, Miranda has one brother Nicholas, 21.

Miranda attended at Ellington High School in Ellington, Ct and graduated from Hilliard Darby High School  in Ohio in 1999.

Miranda studied English and creative writing at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, from where graduated i9n 23009, she then attended at Adirondack Community College where she studied Associates, Liberal Arts in Humanities and Social Science and graduated in 2012.

Miranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend_picMiranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend photosMiranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend_pictures

Ms. Doerfler worked as a campus security dispatcher at Green Mountain College while she was a student there, in 2010 she worked as a cashier at Rite Aid and the year after that was a receptionist at BG Lenders Services, LLC.

Miranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend_photoMiranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend-image

Miranda Doerfler has been a writer and editor at GOREgeous Productions since January, 2011. In her own works, Doerfler describes talks about her work and how she “published collections of bestselling short stories on Amazon, in both ebook and print. Thus far, there have been six collections, three anthologies and a collaboration. Each collection contains three short stories, as well as chapters of a gritty crime novella called, “Black & White.” Future publications are to be released throughout 2012. Edited and compiled actor Seth Peterson’s “Zombie Movie” short story, available for free on Smashwords.com. Edited and compiled a book of zombie haiku titled, “Haiku of the Living Dead,” with consult from published author and colleague Rachel Lynn Brody.”

Miranda Doerfler books

Miranda Doerfler bio

Writing hit Miranda at a pretty young age and according to he bio on her website she has been doing so since she was seven,  Today a well-known bestselling story and screenwriter in the horror, mystery, thriller, suspense and espionage genres in a resident in  Toluca Lake, California.

Miranda has been shy about telling the world about her relationship with Seth, she changed her relation status on Facebook to “Single” to “In a Relationship” on December 3rd, 2013.

Miranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend picMiranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend pics

And she has been posting photos of her and Seth as well, and family and friends wished them Merry Christmas

Miranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend pictureMiranda Doerfler Seth Peterson mistress girlfriend pictures

She posted a picture on Twitter on the day she met Seth.

Seth Peterson girlfriend Miranda Doerfler pictures

but she has also tons of pics Seth posted  between February and March too. And she posted a video about Seth which she also send it to him on her You Tube channel, You can watch it below. It looks to me that Miranda had been having a crush on the Burn Notice actor for a while.


You can find Seth Peterson’s Girlfriend, Mistress  or what ever you want to call Miranda Doerfler on Facebook here and also here, she is also on Twitter here and visit her at her website here.