Who Is Melissa McBride’s Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?

If you are a big fan of The Walking Dead like us, then you know pretty well who Melissa McBride is. The 50-year-old actress has been portraying Carol Peletier –the middle aged widow and caring mother to her daughter Sophia –since the AMC series premiered.

It has been her biggest role to date. Probably you also know her character could have a new romantic interest this season.

But what we really want to know, is if Melissa McBride has a real life romance with someone?

Melissa Suzanne McBride was born May 23, 1965. McBride began her professional acting career in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. She made her debut on television in 1993 on an episode of ABC legal drama Matlock and in later years appeared in TV movies, such as In the Heat of the Night: Give Me Your Life, and Her Deadly Rival.

McBride guest starred in several television series, including American Gothic, Profiler, Walker, Texas Ranger and she famously kissed James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek. She also starred in several short films, and appeared in Lifetime movie Living Proof in 2008.

McBride worked as a film and commercial casting director in Atlanta, Georgia from 2000 until 2010.

In 2007, director Frank Darabont cast McBride as the “Woman With Kids at Home” in the ensemble cast science-fiction horror film The Mist.


Her professional life took a turn in 2010 when she joined the cast of the AMC television drama series The Walking Dead based on the comic book series of the same name. She was promoted to series regular as of season 2.

McBride has been critically praised for her work on the show. For her performance in Season 4, She was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2014.

When Melissa is not filming The Waling Dead, she spends time with her precious cats, Vangeline and Sierra. She also owns a dog named, Lincoln Log.

She also loves to take pictures of her and her co-stars hanging out during interviews or just having a great time with fans.

It appears though as if she doesn’t have any romances going on. In fact, we have no idea if she’s ever been in a relationship. No boyfriend or girlfriend can be found, though she is said to get a long great with co-star Norman Reedus, but there is no indication she is dating at the moment.

You can check her out on Twitter here.