Spencer Gutcheon Boyfriend of Gavin Rossdale’s Nanny Mindy Mann

Spencer Gutcheon

Spencer Gutcheon is a snowboarding instructor and soon to-be daddy. He and his girlfriend Mindy Mann are expecting their first child together. Spencer Gutcheon’s baby mama Mindy is the former nanny who used to work for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale with whom she had an affair for three years that eventually ended his marriage to Gwen, the rocker mother of his three sons.

Spencer Gutcheon’s girlfriend Australian nanny Mindy Mann was treated like a member of the family while she worked for Gwen Stefani and Bush’s singer Gavin Rossdale, sources close to them said Gwen treated Mindy like a little sister and even dressed her like her, but Mindy betrayed Stefani’s trust when she started an affair with Gavin that lasted for three years. After Gwen and Gavin announced they were filing for divorce it was pretty clear that the reason for their breakup had to do with the young blonde nanny had been getting close to Gavin way too many times.

Let’s not forget that time when Mindy and Rossdale was seen hiking with the boys, and he give her a little push up the hill placing his hand on her butt, at first media speculated it was not a mistress but Gavin’s sister Soraya, but although Soraya is blonde and very attractive, they were wrong. After Gwen fired Mindy she got a job at the children’s early learning center Pint Size Kids in California.

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After Gwen and Gavin’s divorce was finalized last October the name of nanny/ mistress Mindy Mann stopped from being in people’s thoughts, but that changed when her sister Nicole Jennifer Mann announced she was going to-be an auntie because her sister Mindy and her boyfriend Spencer Gutcheon were expecting their first child together, and they already know it’s a boy!

Mindy Mann

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Spencer Gutcheon was born Spencer Allen Gutcheon Smith on March 15, 1992 in Hesperia, California. He attended Serrano High School and Mount San Jacinto College. Spencer Gutcheon has been a snowboarding instructor at Mountain High since 2008.

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Mindy Mann boyfriend Spencer Gutcheon -pic

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