Tamra Turpin – John Loveless’ Young Girlfriend

Meet Tamra Turpin

Tamra Turpin is the woman who mysteriously died in Mexico last week, while she and her boyfriend enjoyed of their vacation.

Turpin and her much older boyfriend, John Loveless had known each other for about a year. Now he has been detained in Cancun in connection to her tragic death.

Reports say the young woman and her boyfriend were vacationing in the Caribbean resort city of Playa del Carmen, when she died.

AP reports Tamra Turpin was found dead Wednesday in a condo the couple had rented, and a forensic examination concluded she died of asphyxia by strangulation. She was 36-years-old.

John Loveless –a 59-year-old attorney and businessman of Franklin County, –was stopped at the Cancun Airport while he awaited for his flight to Atlanta.

Loveless had told Tamra’s family she suffered a seizure and had been taken to the hospital. He further said, she had been released from the hospital but still wasn’t right and that she ultimately died at the resort.


Following Tamra’s death a GoFundMe page was set up in order to help her family with the funeral expenses. A friend by the name of Amanda Wilson, set up the page in name of Tamra’s mother, Evalena Turpin Duncan.


Tamra Turpin had a disability due to a car crash when she was a teenager, which prevented her from working, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Tamra and Loveless had both enjoyed of other trips together.


According to her LinkedIn, Tamra is listed as an Art Model at East Central College. While John Loveless, is an Attorney at Loveless Law Office in Saint Clair, Missouri. His LinkedIn also states, he worked at Franklin Financial Corporation. John Loveless is a graduate from Southern Illinois University and holds a degree in accounting. He also attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

John Loveless was previously married to Lisa Loveless –a Real State expert. Together they are the parents to daughter, Natalie Loveless –a leasing consultant residing in San Francisco.

According to the prosecutors’ office in Quintana Roo state, where both Playa del Carmen and Cancun are located, he faces a criminal homicide investigation in the death of Tamra Turpin.

Loveless has already appeared in a Mexican court, but entered no plea. The investigation is continuing.