Katie Fehlinger Pregnant Philly Meteorologist

Meet Katie Fehlinger

You might know lovely blonde Katie Fehlinger form her job as a meteorologist at CBS Philadelphia, but recently she has also become the target of online haters whom criticized her for being… pregnant and appearing on TV!

Katie happens to be 35 weeks pregnant with twins, as crazy as it might sound, her far along preggy appearance onscreen attracted some senseless body-shaming comments; at first she told media outlets she tried to ignore it but when someone called her “sausage in casing” and another branded her as disgusting for “sticking your pregnant abdomen out like that” she got “fed up” and said she felt the need to “draw a line and speak up.” Which she did on an FB post.


Since then, the way Katie handled the whole situation has made her a trend and pregnant women all over have been showing the love posting photos of their own baby bumps.

According to her CBS bio, she began working at CBS 3 and The CW Philly’s morning news team in September, 2011.

The Lehigh Valley native,  graduated summa cum laude from Cedar Crest College in Allentown with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications. She also holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in geosciences from Mississippi State University.


Her first broadcasting gig was at RCN 4 located in Bath, Pennsylvania and later did feature reporting for WLVT-TV’s Emmy award-winning news/magazine show Tempo! In 2006 she switched her focus to weather – and her passion for meteorology has grown ever since. Her first-ever live shot was an update for FOX News on the tornadoes ripping through the Midwest.

On social media, she reveals she has a love of good tv and music, meteorology, broadcasting and production, college football, and most things girly.

Katie is married to Steve, the couple met at Penn State and wedded in Jamaica. The twins are the couple’s first pair!

What’s not to admire about Katie, a pregnant working mom who’s sticking up for herself and pregnant women out there! You go girl!

Find her on Twitter here.