Rita Ashton Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Wife

Rita Ashton Attorney Jeff Ashton’s Wife

Rita Ashton is the wife of Florida Lawyer Jeff Ashton

Rita Ashton is not happy her husband attorney Jeff Ashton was amongst the many cheaters whose names were revealed on the Ashley Madison hack. He apologized to Rita and his children, and swears he just checked the site out but that is it, he never went beyond that.

“I was curious about the Ashley Madison website,” he said. His voice cracking with emotion. “I deeply regret my affiliation with the site, which has caused a great amount of stress and heartache to my wife and children.”


If he was just curious about the site then why the **** is there two Ashley Madison accounts affiliated to attorney Ashton’s address and name were found on Ashley Madison? There are 14 transactions between both accounts (both paid using the same credit card) that were active from July, 2013 until February, 2015. The first short-lived account was a paid delete account and the second account was activated in August, 2013 showed signs of activity until February, 2015.

The Ashley Madison’s accounts under Jeff Ashton name were accessed from the IP address tracks to “host-204.ocnjcc.org” and the Ninth Judicial Circuit internal network, this means Attorney Ashton is not only in trouble at home with his wife but also he could get his cheating **** fired!

Some of quotes posted by Jeff Ashton on Ashley Madison reads:

“Please be real. I want someone that fantasizes about being brought to a climax by a lover with a skillful tongue and fingers as well as his member. Also a big toy collection is a plus”

“I am looking for someone who has fantasies we can act out. Who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. You must be discrete, not looking to change my situation just want to get excited again”

57-year-old Jeff Ashton born Jeffrey Lee Ashton in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was a graduate of the University of Florida School of Law in 1980. In January, 1981 he got a job with the State Attorney’s Office under then-State Attorney Robert Eagan. In 2012, he was elected State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit taking office in January, 2013. He gained notoriety for his prosecution of Casey Anthony in 2011.

Jeff Ashton first got married to Amy Jill Brotman in Alachua, Florida on June 30, 1979, Amy now Amy Lewis is the mother of his sons Adam and Jon; and Alex and Rebecca are the children from marriage number two to Joy Meidhof; they married on October 17, 1987 in Orange County, Florida and divorce on September 30, 1996.

Jeff Ashton defended son Alexander “Alex” in a DUI case in 2012 where he was found guilty, that same year he defended his daughter Rebecca Ashton who was charged with driving without a license and failing to produce insurance.

Jeff Ashton wife Rita Ashton

Jeff Ashton’s third wife is 53-year-old Rita Ashton (nee. Brockway) born in May, 1962. Rita Ashton graduated from Chapman College in 1984 with a BS in Communication and Mass Media. Rita Ashton is a Line Producer and project manager at Freelancer tv commercials.

Jeff Ashton wife Rita Ashton

Actress Marisa Ramirez star as Rita Ashton in the in the 2013 Lifetime Original Movie “Prosecuting Casey Anthony, Jeff’s character was portrayed by Rob Lowe.