Claudia Alende Miss Bumbum/ Megan Fox look a-liker

Meet Claudia Alende

No, is not Megan fox is Claudia Alende!

Claudia Alende is the voluptuous Brazilian model who looks like the long lost twin sister of actress Megan Fox!

Claudia Alende is a Native of Brazil and has made a name for herself showing her curves at the famous Brazilian contest Miss Bum-Bum, last year.

According to her social media accounts, she was born in 1993, in Paraná. After participating at the 2014 competition that gives  the title of ‘best backside in the country, miss Alende has been dubbed the Brazilian Megan Fox and Queen of the Squat, you know, for her firm gluts.

Claudia now lives in Sao Paulo, and works as a successful fitness and glamour model. The 22-year-old is very active on social media, she can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter here, but her favorite might be Instagram where she often shares snaps of her curves with the world.



In fact, she has turned into an internet sensation over her snaps, according to the Mirror, Alende has amassed 200,00 Facebook followers and over a million on Instagram,  thanks to a series of sexy lingerie shots.

In an interview with NPR, Claudia admitted to have had some work done before entering the competition last year, thought she did not specify what part of her body was altered.

She also said she ultimately wants to become a TV presenter or an actress and hoped the famous Bum-Bum competition would help her.

As for her love life, we are sorry to inform you she has been in a long time relationship with a dude named, Michel Grasiani. She recently uploaded a photo of the two writing Bae, a heart and the hashtag #7years.

So, who would you prefer, Claudia Alende or Megan Fox? Did we mention Fox is 29 and a mom of two?