Kathy Schweich: GOP governor candidate Tom Schweich’s wife


Meet Kathleen “Kathy” Schweich, the now widow of Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich. Her husband who announced last month he would run for Governor of Missouri, fatally shot himself Thursday, February 26th.

Most recent reports following the tragedy say police describe the scene as an “apparent suicide.”


54-year-old Kathleen Ann Schweich, met her husband a long time ago, they both attended the same high school and were in the 7th grade when they first crossed paths.


Kathy and her husband were married for 28-years, they produced two children. Daughter Emilie and son Thomas, Jr.

After Kathy’s husband became a graduate of Yale, undergrad, and Harvard, where he received his law degree he went on to work for the oldest law firm in Missouri.

Kathy’s daughter, Emilie is a college student and son Thomas is a high school sophomore.


Reports say her Mr. Schweich who wrote among three books, one Amazon best seller, and was a former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan died hours later of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a local hospital. Police are now trying to determine a motive in her husband’s death.