Gay Bachelor Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Robert Sepulveda Jr. is the dream of every gay man out there and for every man out there their dream could actually come true! According to reports Robert Sepulveda Jr. will star in a gay Bachelor-styled show currently being filmed by the Logo network.

Robert Sepulveda Jr. is out of this world hot and happens to be single, making him the king or queen if you like, of homosexual bachelors. He makes the perfect combination of looks and success, he is an award-winning interior designer.

The Puerto Rican native who was born February 11, began his path to success working as a model. According to his LinkedIn, Sepulveda attended the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He speaks Spanish, French, Italian and English and has done a ton of volunteer work.


Following his graduation back in 2004, he began his career at Valley Forge Textiles, the world’s largest supplier of decorative upholstery fabrics for the hospitality industry. According to his website, he founded RSJdesign, LLC, in 2006, now an award-winning interior design firm specializing in luxury residential and commercial spaces.

In 2008, he moved to New York City where he, “began working with industry leader fashion houses Polo Ralph Lauren, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, OPRAH Magazine, and Kenneth Cole, eventually assuming the role of acting Global Visual Manager of the Calvin Klein “HOME” collection.”



Robert Sepulveda Jr. is also known in the industry for his work as a community activist, the interior designer and creative director is also the creator of RSJ Collection; Luxury Home fragrances. Sepulveda Jr. is also the founder of The Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks. As you can see, he has it all, but a loving partner to share his busy life with, which is actually hard to believe, this guy must have dating offers from left and right.

But is all about to change for Robert Sepulveda Jr., according to TMZ, 13 male contestants have been selected and that scenes are being shot at an L.A. mansion. The show will be called “Finding Prince Charming” and will feature Lance Bass as the host.

Robert Sepulveda Jr. is currently based in Atlanta.

You can check out Robert Sepulveda Jr. on Twitter here, Instagram here.