Gail Icahn- Businessman Carl Icahn’s Wife


61-year-old Gail Golden is the lovely wife of Hedge fund billionaire Carl Icahn.

In 1993, the financial titan Icahn separated from his first wife and moved in with longtime assistant Golden, a former broker. They married in 1999. Golden, the founder of Gutsy Women Travel, a company that arranges luxury trips for women who are traveling overseas without their husbands.

We looked for the website, which reads

We believe that there is a Gutsy Woman inside each of us; one who occasionally needs to make time for herself to refresh and renew her mind, spirit and body. Over the past decade, Gutsy Women Travel has been developing a community of women who have turned to us for the opportunity to recharge their energies in the company of other like-minded women in fascination destinations.
Women are traditionally caregivers, regularly placing the needs of everyone else in their lives ahead of their own. Yet it is undeniably important that women take the time to nurture themselves and travel is one of the best ways to do just that!


Most likely with her new life, we doubt Ms. Icahn is very involved with the business. Gail usually serves on the boards and foundations of her husband. They include Icahn Charitable Foundation, Foundation for a Greater Opportunity, and Children’s Rescue Fund.

On the other side, her husband seems to be non stop. Yesterday he said he bought another half a billion dollars’ worth of Apple Inc.

She has been described to be a sassy woman, during an interview she shared how she and husband of 15 years keep the flame alive, telling  a to The New Yorker that the couple takes nightly baths together in their duplex penthouse off Fifth Avenue.

Gail was previously married and from that relationship she is mother of two children, daughters Shana L. Golden and Christie R. Golden


Her husband, Born in New York in 1936, is one of the greatest Private Equity investors and corporate leaders in the world. Better known as a corporate raider because of his stupendous acquisitions, Carl is one of the peak 50 wealthy people according to the Forbes list. Carl is a proud owner of several companies and has Casino interests in Las Vegas. His takeover techniques have made him famous as a notorious corporate.

Described as a Business magnet Carl has also received many awards and honors for his distinguished works which include Man of the year award in the years 1990 and 2001, Starlight Foundation’s Founders Award and Effecting change award for his glorious contribution to improve education. Icahn stadium in New York City has been named after him.

You can follow him on twitter here, and you’ll find out more interesting things about his wife, like one of his tweets saying

“Gail Golden Icahn is so lazy she cannot squeeze her own toothpaste, or switch on the TVs, cook, clean or drive a car. She hires someone!”

Ahhh, the rich love!