Charity Moore- Leonardo DiCaprio Step-Brother Adam Farrar’s Girlfriend

Adam Farrar Leonardo DiCaprio step brother pic

You all know about the story about Leonardo DiCaprio’s step-brother- Adam Farrar story where he was reported as missing, then that he was arrested on Collin County, just a week earlier his girlfriend Charity Moore was arrested, both Moore and Farrar had been in hiding with their six-year-old daughter Normandie Farrar, who has now ben reported missing.

Normandie Farrar Adam Farrar Charity Moore daughter pics

Normandie Farrar Adam Farrar Charity Moore daughter

Charity Moore’s dad Don Moore said his granddaughter is not missing and her whereabouts is no one’s business.

“This is all so bizarre. If it was anybody’s business what’s going on, we would tell it. I can tell you that Normadie’s safe and that’s all I’m going to tell you,” he said, in an exclusive interview.

“She’s a beautiful child and she’s not ‘missing.’ She was with her mother and where she is now is nobody’s business.”

Charity Moore father Don Moore

Then again Don Moore has not talked  to Charity for quite some time.

“The last time I talked to her, I just told her she needs to straighten up and do the right thing and that’s probably the reason she doesn’t call me.”

Adam Farrar Leonardo DiCaprio step brother

Leo’s step-brother Adam Star Farrar was born in California on October 4, 1971 to Michael Anthony Farrar and Peggy Anne Farrar, they split up when Adam was four.

leonardo-dicaprio-stepbrother adam-farrar(L-R) Portrait of American actor Leonardo DiCaprio as a young boy and his stepbrother Adam Ferrer, Los Angeles, California, late 1970s. (Photo by Gianfranco Gasparro/Liaison/Getty Images) george dicaprio pegy farrar
george dicaprio peggy farrar
Peggy farrar dicaprio

Adam and his mom Peggy an actress began to perform at a theater in san Francisco and met George DiCaprio, they eventually got married. It has been said that Adam got into acting first and t was because of him that Leo became interested in acting. Although Adam didn’t have the same luck as his younger step-sibling he appeared in several t.v series and films, starting in 1979 when he was 8 and played Jason in the t.v series 240-Robert, he was also in the t.v movie Vampire and ABC Weekend Specials.

Adam Farrar Leonardo DiCaprio step brother pics

Adam Farrar Leonardo DiCaprio step brother picture

In 1980 he  played Willie Griffin in Galactica 1980 and had a small role in the series Quincy M.E, in 1981 he starred in Conquest of the Earth, The Devil and Max Devlin, and Looker, he took a break for a while and re-appeared on television in 1999 in Pups, in 2005 he appeared as himself in the t.v movie documentary Live 8: Twenty Years ago Today and Live 8: A bittersweet symphony.

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Farrar was first arrested in 2000 on charges  that he attempted to kill his girlfriend and made terroristic threats,  the charges against were later dropped and he was released, but we can’t confirm if that girlfriend in 2000 was his baby-mama Charity Moore.

Charity Moore Adam Farrar girlfriend

Charity Moore like her troubled boyfriend has a extensive criminal record. her most recent arrest  was on January 20th, she was charged with two counts of possession of a dangerous drug, theft and a misdemeanor involving a parent contributing to the child’s failure to attend school.

Charity Moore Adam Farrar girlfriend pictures

38-year-old Charity Fae Moore was born December 29, 1975, to Donald Moore and Annette Dowdey.  Charity gave birth to her and Adam’s daughter Normandie Rose Farrar on April 12, 2007. Charity’s sister posted the following comment on Adam’s Facebook.

Charity Moore Adam Farrar girlfriend-picNormandie Farrar Adam Farrar Charity Moore daughter pic