Emil de Leon- Wheel Of Fortune´s Most Impressive Contestant


Meet long-running game show –Wheel of Fortune contestant who according to host Pat Sajak made the “most amazing solve”

The sexagenarian icon host was even prompted to drop a hint hours before the episode aired and twitted

Tonight’s “Wheel of Fortune” features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding.


Emilbert deLeon has become an over night sensation taking home a price totaling $63,099. During a bonus round of a pre-taped episode that aired on Wednesday, March 19, Emil DeLeon, amazed viewers, host Pat Sajak and himself after he stated the phrase “New baby buggy” after being able to view just the first two letters, while ten omitted letters, including four he guessed, were displayed as well. The category? “Thing.”


Emil is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Pacifica Nursing & Rehab at Pacifica, California.

According to his Facebook profile he is originally from San Francisco and is currently living in Daly City, California. He went to Westmoor High in Daly City, attended CP College of Nursing in South San Francisco. He also studied math at San Francisco State University.

During the episode we can watch Emil’s and the audience erupting in cheers as presenter Vanna White unveiled the three words; when he realized he was $63,099 richer, jumped for joy and hugged his parents as it was announced he won $45,000 for solving the puzzle!

Many could think the game was rigged but Emil told TMZ he really made the insane guess back in January while the show was being filmed. According to the article, Emil has watched “Wheel of Fortune” forever and he’s pretty much a pro at solving word puzzles.

Wondering what to do with $63,099? He said he will put most of it towards his nursing degree, but plans to drop some on a trip to Cabo very soon.

You can catch Emil on Facebook here and on Twitter here