Abayuba Rivas – Karla Villagra Garzon´ Husband and Killer?



Can you imagine going from troubled husband to charged with murder? Meet the New Jersey man who has been charged with murder for the finding of his missing wife!

39-year-old Abayuba Rivas appeared a “normal” worried and troubled husband to neighbors when his 32-year-old wife went missing back in February. But the sad ending to wife and mother Karla Villagra-Garzon has made authorities believe Rivas as the responsible for her death.

It gets even more shocking to hear the details of the alleged murder.

Abayuba Rivas pleaded for help in finding her when she was first reported missing, but Rivas has been accused and charged with murder for allegedly strangling the woman to death and then hiding her body in a vacant house.


Rivas who is the father of the couple’s child, a daughter; admitted the couple had marital problems, but he presented the fictitious facade of a concerned husband when he appeared on camera with WABC-TV. This shows the profile of a callous killer. Rivas’ remains were found late Tuesday, according to authorities some 15 miles; he allegedly beat and strangled his pretty 32-year-old wife to death nearly a month ago before stashing her body in an abandoned house.

During the interview Rivas claimed, at around 10:30 p.m., Karla Villagra-Garzon walked to buy medicine for her two-year-old child at the local Walgreens Pharmacy but never returned.

Abayuba Rivas contacts Elizabeth police and files a missing person’s report until the next morning.


Flyers were plastered around the community, a Facebook group dedicated to finding the woman was formed and Rivas even asked neighbors if they’d spotted Garzon. The Star-Ledger reported Rivas had been in custody for more than a week on other charges, including endangering a child. He also allegedly lied to police, the report said.

Now charge him with first-degree murder, Rivas is being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

You can watch the TV interview he gave during the fruitless search for the body of his wife here.