Diane Paladi- Aphrodite Companions Vincent Lombardo’s Ex- Girlfriend

diane paladi

Following the Aphrodite Companions case? Let’s freshen up, a marriage from Long Island-Vincent and Melissa Lombardo were busted after Feds find out they were running a high end prostitution ring which included for the couple 30% to 40% cut of the prostitutes earnings!

The couple that was arrested over a week ago were charged in Brooklyn’s Federal Court with money laundering and prostitution. Melissa and Vincent  had conducted a very profitable business for more than 12 years according to the site’s homepage. The Lombardo’s are loaded with several accounts with millions of dollars in it, now we might want to consider the escort business is a legal business but they were running an escort service that knowingly and intentionally engaged in prostitution! Woops!

Now see the woman in the picture? She is Diane Paladi. Mrs. Paladi was seen leaving court after she was ejected for allegedly being a co-conspirator at the Lombardo’s high end operations. But why nice Paladi would sing a a $1 million bond to spring Vincent and Melissa Lombardo from jail? And why was she accused of being a conspirator by Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Capozzolo? I’ll tell you why:

It turns out Diane Paladi is the mother of Vincent Lombardo two children! Diana and Vincent are the parents of Vincent and Arianna Lombardo and although that relationship has been long gone Diana who is currently married apparently has a close relationship with the father of her children and his current wife Melissa. The two couples used to enjoy of outings together as pictures of them from Facebook were published.

Diane’s accusations surfaced as Feds found emails between her and Melissa Lombardo talking about an escort service, but it turns out Paladi might be off the hook after all. She owns a one-percent stake in a service that rents out clowns and strippers! What a family huh!

Diane Paladi who graduated East Meadow High School back in 1984 currently lives in East Meadow, NY; she also attended W.T. Clarke High School. She married September 13, 2002 and is the owner of sexystrip located in New York.

The business has been running since 2010 and according to the Facebook page is

Serving Nassau & Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC. (TRI- STATE AREAS)
For a NYC party stripper, frat party stripper, home strip dances, stripper for private party, New York birthday party strippers or stripper at a bachelor party

Paladi’s business also has a website sexystrip.com; where you can find mainly that serves the stripper party industry.

Welcome to SexyStrip.com featuring the ultimate in upscale  Female Strippers, Male Strippers and Exotic Dancers in the New York Tri-State area. We are a female owned and operated Male Stripper and female Stripper Company and bring 25 years of experience to the Male Stripper and Female Stripper party industry. We have female strippers in New York, Male Strippers New York, Female Strippers New Jersey, Female Strippers NYC, and Exotic Dancers New York

So, anyone interested? Diane Paladi unfortunately could not help ex-boyfriend Vincent and his current wife Melissa and that definitely didn’t make her happy.

You can find her in Facebook here and linkedin profile here.