Akeem Monsalvatge- Queens Masked Robber inspired by Film The Town

akeem mosalvatge photo


Just like the song goes “this’s a stickup, stickup” but also like the crime drama thriller “The Town” a real life $200,000 robbery was performed by Akeem Monsalvatge, Derrick Dunkley and Edward Byam. The Brooklyn federal court trial against the three, very creative individuals opened yesterday with witnesses expressing how they were completely fooled!

The trio of black men who got inspiration from their probably lazy moments when they were watching robbery films or such, thought that by changing races would prevent them form being caught. Akeem Monsalvatge who is one of the three African Americans who performed the cleverly thought out plan but failed anyways, turned to well-known special-effects company CFX Composite Effects; which has worked on flicks including “2 Guns” and “Wolverine’’for their disguises, according to prosecutors.

The three masks cost them $2000 and they told the company they intended to use them for a music video!

akeem monsalvatge-robbery-mask

Monsalvatge and his low life buddies went through an extreme make over! Akeem who you can see in the picture above, ended up looking like this

akeem monsalvatge-mask

The result of the 360` change is stunning! He looks like your regular white, goateed, bold, badass officer! After the team of “white man” were set with their lifelike, custom-made, Hollywood-style special-effects masks, NYPD clothing and badges; Akeem and the other two men pulled up to a Pay-O-Matic in Queens in February 2012 in a Ford Explorer.

At first the crooks got away and began living their dream, spending on pricey Gucci and Louis Vuitton threads, Rolex watches and who knows what other nonsense. But copying the scene of “The Town” where Affleck shows to the stores’ clerk a picture of her house was actually the lead that gave them out! Akeem and his cohorts left the picture behind and police traced it ultimately getting to one of the three man.

Part of the evidence prosecutors submitted, is a picture of Mr. Monsalvatge and one of his alleged co-conspirators wearing a t-shirt with a scene from the film, guess that wasn’t that clever!

akeem monsalvatge-twitter

Akeem who was clearly ecstatic about his overnight fortune and new status even opened a twitter account where he only got to say

akeem monsalvatge-tweet

I guess his luck didn’t last long for him to keep blowing out the robbed money! Too bad! There is also a linkedin profile allegedly belonging to Monsalvatge, where is listed as “Arts and Crafts Professional” he can certainly craft alright!

It would think they were all so proud of the deed they almost wanted to caught right? Weird psychology?