Natasha Martinez- Queens Teen Stabbed by knife-wielding maniac

natasha martinez-stabbed-teen-from-queens

Meet 17-year-old Natasha Martinez, she is the teenage girl form Queens who is struggling to stay alive as she was stabbed nearly a dozen time by her attacker! Just like any other day coming back from work at a local McDonalds Natasha was returning home when an unidentified man, a wielding maniac took out his rage on the teenager.

The man allegedly stabbed Miss Martinez in the back and leg just a few feet away from her home’s front door; the heartless individual was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants and unfortunately fled the scene.

natasha martinez-front door

Natasha resides in the Woodhaven section of Queens with her family; the heinous crime took place Monday night at around 11:30 pm as she was getting inside her home, the man lunged stabbing her back, arms, stomach and kidney. Following Natasha’s cry for help her mother came running outside to find the horrible scene.

“I was holding her because she was going to fall. Her face was turning white and I slapped her. I was telling her, ‘You have to stay alive.’”

said her still shocked mother, Wendy Martinez. While they waited for paramedics to arrive the mother of the 17-year-old covered her wounds with a towel, Natasha was then transported to Jamaica Hospital where she underwent a three-hour surgery in which doctors removed Natasha’s spleen and took a vein from her leg and inserted it in her arm, according to her mother.

The Spanish responsible, working and strong according to her mom, teenager was stabbed 11 times but is still unconscious since the attack. NYPD is investigating the case and believed the man could have follow Natasha from work and waited until the last minute to act out.

Neighbors are stricken and worried for their safety in the block, they said they see this girl going and coming from work all the time and realized something terrible had happened until police arrived. Investigators said today they had only a vague description of the suspect, who is described as a black male, approximately 5-foot-6, last seen wearing a white T-shirt.

We hear all kinds of senseless and inhuman acts going, how traumatizing for Natasha and her family, luckily this guy will not get his way.

We pray for Natasha’s fats recovery.

Also, don’t miss the video below and if you recognize the guy call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.