Sexy Valentine Windle is Ferne McCann’s Boyfriend Charlie Sims Blonde Mistress?

ferne-sims Valentine Windle

Oh Oh! Ferne McCann don’t look! Well on the other hand she needs to know she is being cheated on!!! Caught red handed is now Charlie Sims who has been in a committed relationship with fellow TOWIE star Ferne McCann for the past three years! Ouch!

The reality TV show newcomer, Sims along with Ferne are part of the cast of “The Only Way Is Essex” best known as TOWIE. Handsome Charlie has been going steady with Ferne for three years despite Ferne blurting out his secrets from time to time on the show. Charlie’s a loving brother to Chloe who also appears on the show.

Sims who was supposed to spend the weekend partying to celebrate the birthday of his cousin, Joey Essex-another cast member- was caught having way too much fun! Talk about bad luck huh! 21-year-old Charlie was photographed getting dangerously close to a blond as he partied in Ibiza on Sunday.


Ferne also spend her weekend at the Island but hit a different party. She has kept her poise after receiving tweets from friends showing the love but there is no turning back time now, the deed is done and now Charlie has a lot of explaining to do.

Fern attended Shenfield High School and according to her Facebook page she works at Sassoon Salon, no wonder she looks great all the time! So we wonder who is the girl he chose to trade his three year girlfriend for?

According to publications she is believed to be an English girl by the name of Valentine Windle.


The blond mysterious girl was wearing a golden top and high-waisted bikini bottoms but it was a pool party after all so let’s say she dressed for the occasion, now she looked as if she was having a good time hugging and cuddling  and as a result her hair ended up looking kind of messy. Both the girl and Sims were snapped cuddling, hugging or dancing and sharing some lip action!

No apology or explanation has been reported from Sims and what’s even worse he stayed on the Island after his girlfriend came back home, no doubt he must be well accompanied.

charlie-sims-cheating-with-mysterious-blond-girlcharlie-sims-making out


Do you think this is the real deal or could it be major drama coming for the show??

What about Charlie’s blode Valentine?

Valentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend pics

Her full name is Valentine Lily Windle, Valentine was born in Wokingham, UK. She studied at Lincensed Victuallers School (LVS Ascot) in Ascot, Berkshire. After that she attended at Brushstroke Make Up School where she currently works.

Valentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend photo

Valentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend-picsValentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend-photoValentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend pic
Valentine Windle Charlie Sims girlfriend-pictures

Found Valentine Windle on Google+ here, Twitter here.