Annabel Tollman The Story of a Fashion Icon gone too soon

annabel tollman

The fashion community is in mourning with the passing of Annabel Tollman. This is one of those sad news we do not like to talk about because when 36 year olds, talented, smart, nice, sweet, good girls die is just one of those tragedies it makes you wonder “why” and can not really explain.

Annabel’s talent and fashion skill is something you are just born with you either have it or not; she was behind the red carpet looks of Scarlett Johansson, Shakira, Liv Tyler, Mariah Carey, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, among many others. Her ability to dress Hollywood figures made her a famous and sought stylist.

Tollman was born in 1977 in Brussels but was raised between London and New York. She decided to move to NY and at a young age the British stylist, established herself as a noted authority on fashion industry and style working as the fashion director at Interview and Wallpaper Magazines. She had numerous apparitions in both written media and television shows shows such as Rachel Ray, Fox News, LXTV, “Glamour’s Dos and Don’ts” and Kimora Lee Simmons’ “Life in The Fab Lane”

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She’s been described as the kind of person your mother would say: “Now that’s a good girl” The blond beauty tastemaker always made the fashion headlines of The New York Times, Vogue (UK), Us Weekly, Elle (UK), Marie Claire, InStyle (UK), The New York Post, Japanese Vogue for the right reasons and so far we do not know of a romantic relationship with a boyfriend or if she was married.

Today on her Facebook page, her family posted:

We thank you all for honoring our beloved Annabel. Her beauty, spirit and love will remain in our hearts always. At this time, there is not confirmation of what caused this tragedy and we ask that you respect Annabel’s privacy, legacy and honor and continue to think of her her just as she was, perfect in every way. When we have news to share regarding memorial services and celebrating her life, we will be sure to make an announcement.
With Love,
Annabel’s Family & Friends

The 36 year old was working in the development stage of a new television show in collaboration with the Bravo Network titled “The Annabel Tollman Project”. She most definitely lived up to accomplished her dreams but was without a doubt a life gone too soon.

Annabel passed away unexpectedly in her West Village home in New York City in her sleep, her death was caused from a blood clot. Annabel’s down to earth and angel character gained her friend everywhere she went and we don’t think its different this time.

May she rest in peace. You can pay your respects on her twitter here or Facebook here. Take a look at her fabulous work here.