Aniah Ferguson: Girl in McDonald’s beat down video

Meet Brooklyn resident Aniah Ferguson a 16-year-old was arraigned as an adult following a violent fight at a Flatbush McDonalds. Aniah who is a gang member was identified from a video in which other five girls participated.


She appeared in court today on robbery and gang assault charges for her role in the group beating of another teen girl, which was caught on cellphone video.  A judge set bail at $500,000 bond.

Shockingly enough Aniah is an old police acquaintance, Sources told CBS2 she’s been arrested at least six times since September, plus she pleaded guilty last month to stabbing her brother with a knife!

Investigations in the recent incident revealed Ferguson was the instigator, she stomped on the victim’s head and punched her. The assault to the victim who is described as another teenage girl, comes as a retaliation after she wronged Aniah’s friend back in January.

Aniah who is a mother of one, has also been accused of hitting her grandmother, who filed an order of protection against her.

She’s due back in court later this month.