Nic Roldan: Jessica Springsteen’s Polo Player Boyfriend


We are delighted to introduced a hot new couple: Meet stud Nic Roldan, the boyfriend of show jumping champion rider and only daughter of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, Jessica Springsteen.

Reports say Nic was seen cheering on Jessica a few weeks ago in Florida, his gal has certainly been racking up wins left and right but Roldan doesn’t stay behind.


Nic makes good use of his great looking genes, he is a model and polo player, hence how the pair came to be. You’ve probably heard about him before, after all he is often dubbed the best polo player in the world.


Nic who was born in Argentina but grew up in Florida is the son of another polo player Raul Roldan and an interior designer mother, Dee Roldan.


Nic has been quite successful in the field, he made his debut alongside Prince Harry at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in 2010. Much has been said about his good looks and charm, but his skill doesn’t come without the hard work.


He started riding at age 2 and by his 14th birthday he was already a pro. Fast forward to present time Mr. Roldan is still riding this wave of beating career milestones; because of this he has become a sort of icon, and clearly someone to look up to, to the younger polo wunderkinds who hope to reach his level of play.


As a model the 32-year-old has worked largely for Wilhelmina models.

Find him on Instagram here.