Alecia Holden Real State Agent in Survivor

Meet Alecia Holden

Alecia Holden is a Real Estate Agent participating in season 32 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong. Accoridng to her online profiles, can be described as a go getter. She allegedly made a bucket list of adventures and went out and did it.

Her list included: bungee jumping in Indonesia, hang gliding in Rio, skydiving, jumped off the stratosphere in Las Vegas, face to face shark diving in Australia, and interacting with un caged tigers in Thailand.

The 24-year-old gal resides in Dallas but she is a Tulsa native –where she graduated from high school and attending college. The gal who has model looks and a wining smile, is passionate about traveling and loves experiencing different cultures. She’s visited 16 countries and has lived in Australia –where she worked on a working holiday visa for a year.

When talking about her inspiration in life, she says her grandpa and grandma pastor a Baptist church. She says, her grandparents lead people to be saved eternally; adding “They are my heroes.”

The feraless blonde says her hobby is to seek out and accomplish adventures all over the world. She can’t hanlde people who lie and can’t be straight up. Alecia Holden also hates negativity.

The self describe ambitious and adrenaline junkie, would bring with her to the Island a, camera, a cellphone and Pizza. She compares herself with former Survivor contestant Kass. She also reveals being on the show is the ultimate challenge.


Alecia Holden, who is the daughter of a boxing promoter is definitely tough. She warns, “don’t let the blonde hair fool you. I won’t cry or back down. No one will break me. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win. My ambition and drive to succeed will lead me through.”

Her father is, Tulsa-based boxing promoter Tony Holden. Alecia Holden grew up around boxers like Tommy Morrison, according to press information. Alecia holden was placed in the Brown tribe, she said about it:

“I’m definitely glad to be placed in the Brawn tribe, because the Brawn tribe is tough. We’re also very strong-minded. If we want something, we go out and get it. We make things happen. I think it fits me very well.”