Julia Sokolowski Boston College Student in Survivor

Meet Julia Sokolowski

Julia Sokolowski has become the youngest cast member to join reality TV hit show Survivor. The 19-year-old is currently enrolled at Boston University studying for a degree in Communication with Specialization in Public Relations.

At the time of filming Julia Sokolowski was 18 years old, making her the youngest woman to ever play Survivor. She turned 19 in while filming Cambodia.

Julia Sokolowski was born in Burlington, Vermont, and currently resides in Boston, MA. The gal is used to being on the spot, at her young age she has received honors from the National Society for High School Scholars and the National Business Honor Society.

Julia Sokolowski is definitely a high achiever and is obviously used to being the best.

The bright student also works as an Admissions Ambassador and Account Executive within Boston University. As if that wasn’t enough, she spent time abroad volunteering in Tanzania where she learned Swahili and taught English to a class of 83 third graders. Meaning that, she has no problem being in away in a foreign country and living with little resources.

While living in Tanzania, she helped rebuilt and restored classrooms. The pretty blonde also hiked the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

She calls her 17-year-old brother Eric, her life inspiration. Eric was born with a heart defect.


Julia Sokolowski has also worked as a receptionist for Ideal Protein and as a bartender, according to her LinkedIn.

Julia Sokolowski will be a part of the Beauty tribe on Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty 2.

Julia thinks she’ll win Survivor and the million dollar prize because: she’s one Habitat for Humanity so she knows how to build shelter. She has killed cows in Africa, worked on a farm, and know how to make fire. She’s also quick, excellent at puzzles, and have strong social skills from job experience and being a college student.

Do you agree with her?

You can find Julia Sokolowski on Twitter here, Instagram here.