Jesse Jane – Actress Roofied!

Meet Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane is the 35-year-old actress who was roofied and who later passed out in the Vegas Strip! It was initially reported the blonde had gotten wasted but TMZ spoke with her rep who tells the gossip site she got drugged instead!

On Tuesday Jesse Jane allegedly slammed 2 shots at a bar inside a Vegas hotel from a stranger. Soon after, Jesse and her friends left the bar and she passed out cold on the Vegas Strip. She was taken back to her hotel room where she recovered. Jesse believes she was drugged because she woke up not remembering much, feeling weak and vomiting!

The blonde was born Cindy Taylor on July 16, 1980. The Fort Worth, Texas, native doesn’t need much of an intro, specially if you are a dude! The pint-sized **** powerhouse won Miss Hawaii Tropic model before she decided on an adult entertainment career. Since then she’s filmed a number of **** films, she’s been featured in FHM, Maxim, Front, Strip Las Vegas and Arena.

She has earned leading roles on HBO’s “Entourage” and in the feature Baywatch: The Movie, among others. Jesse Jane has also starred in a multitude of music videos from Drowning Pool to Robbie Williams.

According to IMDb, she grew up on military bases and was somewhat of a tomboy if you can believe it!


She was married to fellow adult star Rick Patrick for about 5-years before their divorced in 2012.

Later that same year. she announced via Twitter she was engaged to trainer Michael Giovanni but that relationship didn’t work out either. She is said to be a bisexual.

We’re glad to hear she’s doing O.K.