Jay Grdina is Jenna Jameson’s ex- husband

Meet Jay Grdina

Jay Grdina a.k.a Justin Sterling is an actor and businessman who used to be married to the famous actress, Jenna Jameson. The marriage lasted three years but were together for at least eight years.

Jay Grdina was born John G. Grdina October 11, 1967. His family originates from Croatia. He comes from a wealthy cattle-ranching family.

Jay Grdina is currently married to supermodel Erin Naas, the family resides in Scottsdale, AZ. Apparently, Jay stepped away from the **** industry and according to his LinkedIn, he is the CEO at NOHO Drink –a drink to help prevent against hangovers.

Jay Grdina met Jenna Jameson in 1998. They became engaged in 2000 –and married in 2003; they lived in an Arizona mansion worth 2 million.

Jay Grdina and Jameson split in 2006, she blamed skin cancer and infertility issues as the main problems that led to her divorce from Jay Grdina.

Jay Grdina is planning to take legal action against Scottsdale Christian Academy, he says due to the last minute email, his 5-year-old son Jayden, missed his first day of school and will be far behind the other students.