Dr. Alejandro Guidos Swapped Baby At Birth in El Salvador

Meet Dr. Alejandro Guidos

Dr. Alejandro Guidos is an obstetrician-gynecologist in the Central American country of El Salvador and who’s being accused of giving a mother a baby is not hers!

On September first Guidos was arrested in the case of the baby Cushworth Casanellas, whose parents Mercedes Casanellas and her husband, Briton, Richard Cushworth say they were given a baby is not theirs according to DNA tests recently performed; the parents point out Guidos as a primary suspect in the trade of their baby.

On May 21st, Mercedes Casanellas gave birth to a cheeky pink looking baby boy at “Hospital Ginecológico, of San Salvador.” The now devastated mother claims, she was put under heavy sedation and didn’t see her baby until the next morning. When nurses finally brought a baby to her room, she claims by then, her baby had been swapped for darker-skinned baby boy.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple –who live Texas and were in El Salvador for Mrs. Casanellas to give birth in her home country –now fear their light-skinned baby was snatched deliberately by staff at the Ginecologico private hospital, in order to sell the baby boy to child traffickers.

The couple went back with their baby to their home in Dallas, but as time passed by the mother still had her doubts; she would look for clues of resemblance in her baby but the lack of them, made her finally found to courage to take a DNA test, which showed he has a 0.00 per cent probability of being their son.

Dr. Alejandro-Guidos-1

Dr. Alejandro Guidos was born Antonio Alejandro Guidos Reyes, he is 39-years-old. Following the his arrest, the Salvadorean Attorney General has now ordered a criminal investigation into the ‘baby swap’

According to local outlets, The board of the Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics of El Salvador (ASOGOES) ruled, on Saturday morning, regarding the case of baby theft Cushworth Casanellas, backing up Dr. Alejandro Guidos.

According to the directors of the union, Dr. Alejandro Guidos could not have made the change of babies due to the strict controls that have the hospital.

The association defended the physician to say that “it is impossible for any confusion or mistake of newborns happen,” adding that the obstetrician is the person who spends less time with a newborn, especially in cases of caesarean section.

Meanwhile, ASOGOES requested that Article 12 of the Constitution that states, to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a trial against Guidos, to be applied.

The specialist, has been accused by lawyers of the family Casanellas Cushworth and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in the 5th Court of Peace of San Salvador on charges of impersonation and Alteration of family status.
The initial hearing will be held against the specialist Monday.