Amber Amour NY Activist for Sexual Assault Victims

Meet Amber Amour

Amber Amour is a 27-year-old activist who stands out for sexual assault victims. The NY former resident was a victim herself in more than one occasion, more recently last November.

Amber has been criticized for sharing intimate details of her alleged sexual assault, just minutes after it happened.

Amber Amour posted a photo of herself crying after she was allegedly rape, while promoting her her ‘Stop Rape. Educate’ campaign during a trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

The activist took to Instagram to write about the incident and showed herself crying in the shower. She told Marie Claire.UK that she instantly knew that she couldn’t keep what happened to her a secret.

Amber Amour was attacked last November. According to reports, the rape took place after she agreed to take a shower with a man identified as Shakir. Miss Amour not only posted the image of herself crying while still in the shower –where the rape took place –but she also added a message explaining the negative and horrific experience.

She revealed during a recent interview:

‘Here I was, telling survivors every single day that they should speak up… I knew I had to practice what I preached,’ ‘So the first thing I did was take a picture and write a post, describing what had happened.’

Amber also posted images of her rape kit, –which sparked major backlash from people all over. Amber exposed many of the hate messages she has been getting and also has been posting images of herself  naked as an effort to continue with her campaign.


According to her website, the Ohio, native says she had experienced sexual violence and multiple rapes in her life. In September 2014, she was raped by her roommate in New York. She grew frustrated with how police handled her case and started her campaign to end sexual assault.

Amber Amour –who says that she learned her mother also experience sexual assault–attended “La Sorbonne,” where she obtained a degree in French as a Second Language in 2011.

Her attacker was arrested and leter released on a $75 bond. She has now created a new campaign called ‘Creating Consent Culture’.

You can find Amber Amour on Instagram here.