Bill Cassidy’s Wife Laura Layden Cassidy

Laura Layden Cassidy

Laura Layden Cassidy is the loving wife of Congressman Bill Cassidy –who is making headlines after comments in the health care bill.

Born to James and Elizabeth Cassidy in Highland Park, Illinois –Williams Morgan Cassidy is a physician by profession. He received both his bachelor’s degree and his M.D. from Louisiana State University and became a liver specialist at the Earl K. Long Medical Center in Baton Rouge. In 2006, he entered politics as a Louisiana State Senator.

After serving Louisiana’s sixth district in the United States House of Representatives, this Republican Party politician became a United States Senator.

But the real star here, is his wife, Laura Layden Cassidy.

Laura Layden Cassidy

Laura Layden is also a physician and the mother of the couple’s three children. Laura Layden Cassidy gave birth to a son Will and daughters, Meg and Kate.

Laura Layden Cassidy who now goes by Laura Cassidy is an Alabama native. According to her profile in her hubby’s website; she is a graduate from the University of Alabama and University of Alabama–Birmingham Medical School.

She then moved to Los Angeles where she did her general surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She worked in Africa as a surgeon in hospitals run by World Medical Missions.

Laura Layden Cassidy

It was during this time she and Bill Cassidy met. The two settled in Baton Rouge. In the early 90’s, Laura Layden Cassidy served for two years as Chief of Surgery at Earl K. Long Medical Center. In 1992 she opened her private practice, which specialized in the treatment of breast cancer.

Laura became the first surgeon in the Baton Rouge area to practice sentinel lymph node biopsies. She has been retired since 2006.

Laura co-founded the Louisiana Key Academy, a public charter school focusing on children with dyslexia in East Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. She serves as President of the board. She has received multiple awards and has served on various boards in Louisiana. She has also written guest columns to publications over the years.

Aside from being a mother, political spouse, badass surgeon and author, Laura is also a grandmother. In 2014, her then 17-year-old daughter gave birth to the couple’s first grandchild.

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