Who is Rapper King Louie’s Girlfriend?

Recent reports indicate rapper, Louis King Johnson Jr., better known as King Louie, has survived a gunshot to the head!

According to several reports, the 28-year-old was shot at 83rd Street and Pulaski Road around 3:30 p.m. on December 23, his manager confirmed to a reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times.

King Louie appeared today on CNN saying he was shot seven times!

“I was in my car, I was gonna leave a friend’s house and someone started shooting up my car,” the rapper recalled. “I think they said it was 22 shots and I was hit seven times. Three of the slugs are still with me today, two in my chest and one in my head.”

For those not familiar with the rapper, King Louie is an emcee from Illinois. Throughout his young career, he’s collaborated with 2 Chainz, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, Kanye West, Katie Got Bandz, DJ Victorious, Twista, SD, Fredo Santana, Soulja Boy, Rockie Fresh, Bo Deal, Trouble, Chin Chilla Meek, Shawnna and many more, having released a total of nine mixtapes to date.

Louie is no stragner to having touble with the law. He was accused of setting up a videotaped assault of a woman for publicity.

Although he’s a Chicago representative through and through, King L was raised in Champaign, Illinois.

King Louie’s mother struggled with drug addiction throughout his youth. King Louie attended Illinois’ Corkery Elementary, Myra Bradwell Academy and Hyde Park Academy. He was inspired by other rappers to follow his hip-hop dreams. Since then, he’s been credited with helping the Chicago rap scene pop off in 2012.


Louie –who is the father of a young girl –left the hospital and said there is hope for Chicago and its chronic gun violence epidemic. He is a member of the Put the Guns Down Movement.

Though he is clearly in good spirits and recovering, we can’t tell for sure if he is currently in a relationship. In a 2012 interview he said about his baby mama, whom he was for 6-years:

“I just wasted like hella years of my life with my baby mother. That’s my worst dating experience. I thought it was cool but everybody was telling me, ‘No.’ I got my daughter out of it so I like it ’cause of that. It was holding me back. As soon as I stopped messing with her I got my record deal.

His shooter is yet to be found.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery. Find him on Instagram here.