Screenwriter David Bar Katz- Philip Seymour Hoffman’s close Friend

David Katz Philip Seymour Hoffman Mimi O'Donnell

Family and friends are trying to cope with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s sudden death, one of those close friends is screenwriter David Bar Katz, who sadly was the person who found him lifeless body in the bathroom of his apartment on the fourth floor of a building called Pickwick House in New York’s Greenwich Village.

David Katz received a phone call from his friend Mimi O’Donnell, who has been dating his other dear friend Philip Seymour Hoffman since 1999, but had recently split up. Mimi told Katz that Philip was supposed to pick up their children but didn’t showed up, she was worried and asked him to check on him.

It is unknown at what point David Katz decide to call Hoffman’s personal assistant Isabella Wing-Davey to unlock the door of Hoffman’s rented apartment,  probably when he knocked on the door and had no answer,  fearing something was wrong, but not wanting to call the landlord and avoid unwanted witnesses.

Katz and Wing-Davey found Seymour Hoffman with a needle still stuck on his arm, several envelopes of something believed to be heroin, Hoffman was gone.

David Bar Katz wiki bio

David Bar Katz born in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Chesnut Hill Academy and graduated from Hun School of Princeton and double-major, receiving a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Williams College.

In 1995 David Katz, produced and wrote the t.v series House of Buggin’, The Pest the film he directed, wrote and starred in 1997, in 1998 Katz produced and wrote Freak, he wrote one episode of Sober Coach in 2012.

Katz got married to Julie Merberg in 1998, they have four children together.

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