Kristen Bauguess- James Woods Younger Girlfriend

james woods new girlfriend

Don’t get mistaken by the image, that is not veteran Hollywood star James Woods’s daughter! In fact the lady next to the 66-year-old actor is his 20-year-old girlfriend! The chick who is barely out of high school is also known as Kristen Reaves maybe to distract the media??

Kristen A. Bauguess was born May 23d, 1993, so she just turned 20 years old a few weeks ago. The young and confused if I made add, girl seems quite smitten and possibly even madly in love with the actor. Her sweet last tweet was directed to his Twitter account which simply says “no one is cuter than you.” How romantic??

kristen reaves

And the actor also seems to be crazy about her! He is obviously taking her very serious; the proud item walked the red carpet at the premiere of his latest movie White House Down and you could see an smiling Woods with Kristen Bauguess on his arm on Tuesday night and while the two have become a hot and heavy couple lately she had a major run-in with the law just a few weeks ago, to be exact on June 8th; the girl was actually arrested in Chatham County in Georgia.

Why? Well you know how kid are, charges include:

40-6-181 – SPEEDING – M
16-13-30 – POSSESSION OF ********* – F

You can see the whole record here. His girl having fun does not seems to bother the actor one bit! I mean, after you’ve lived to get to his age I don’t think there is too many things that can surprise him. However Kristen seems to have found what makes the actor tick; she could burn down a house probably and he wont care right! Well I guess opposites do really attract!

What do you think of the couple?? She might not be a Kathryn Morrison or a Sarah Owen and might be a few years away from Hollywood star wife status but she sure has one of the best teacher there is!

You can find her on twitter here.