Jennifer Lawrence’s hot bodyguard Greg Lenz

Meet Greg Lenz! The man who’s keeping 24-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence safe from harm! The hunky bodyguard and Lawrence were seen out and about in the streets of NY while she did some shopping.

The agent and actress pair have been seen a couple of times. Earlier this week the actress walked along him in NY and on Wednesday he was seen performing one of his major duties: carrying Jennifer’s dog.

A source tells Us Weekly that “Jennifer likes the hot ones!” talking about the guy trailing her form behind.

Not much is available on the tall, dark and handsome guy but one thing is for sure, Jennifer and her dog can rest assured that Greg will keep them safe.

Lawrence sure knows how to pick them. Last December her security team made headlines again when the star’s security detail in L.A. created such a frenzy via social media, that his identity was later revealed: Justin Riblet “He’s very popular amongst the ladies in Jen’s team,” a source close to Lawrence told Us at the time.

As for those thinking Lenz and JLaw make a nice couple, sorry to burst your bubble but they will keep it strictly professional, since Lenz is actually a married fella. Oh and also because Lawrence is dating Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex, Chris Martin.