Saved By The Bell Lark Voorhies’ Husband Jimmy Green

41-year-old actress Lark Voorhies a.k.a Lisa Turtle has gotten married! Her man has been revealed to be her boyfriend of one-year Jimmy Green.

The loony actress allegedly ran-off to Vegas and tied the knot with Green –whom she met online. According to TMZ, the now man and wife, met on Facebook and he says they’ve had more than one wedding and they’re not done yet.

Jimmy is a music engineer, the couple tied the knot back in April and are planning for a big wedding next year, where they will invite family and friends. Can this be true love?

Following the “happily ever after” the couple’s next move is to find a place to call home since they have never lived together.

In 2013 the Saved by the Bell alum stopped by the Inside Edition studio to “set the record straight” on rumors that she had been bipolar or suffering a crisis.

Voorhies has repeatedly spoken to the press with the intention of confirming that she is fine. Her struggle to set the record straight began when she gave a interview looking in bizarre makeup, prompting media to reports how unstable she looked and if she had any cosmetic surgery done.

Following those headlines People reported a story in which Voorhies’ mother claimed her daughter was bipolar.

This is the third marriage for the actress, she was first married to Miguel Coleman from 1996-2004 and second husband was Andy Prince.