Angela Leslie: Actress Accusing Bill Cosby of Abuse


Former model and actress Angela Leslie joins the growing-list of women who are coming forward to accuse comedian Bill Cosby!


Angela told her story during an interview that was published today by the NY Daily News. Angela claims she and Cosby ended up at a luxury room in a Vegas hotel to discuss her acting but things quickly took a different turn.


She and Cosby didn’t have sex but according to the details of her confession she says the famous funny-man quickly got rid of her because she wouldn’t take his drinks. However, during the 1992 meeting he allegedly began rubbing against her before pouring a lotion into her hands and put them on his penis and “he did the masturbation movements with his hand top of mine.”



The 52-year-old did two roles as an actress, 1989 “Collision course” and 1989 “Chameleon Street” (pictured above).The Michigan resident attended Eastern Michigan University and now works in logistics management.

Angela says she wants people to know Cosby for who he really is, what do you think of her confession?

You can find her on Facebook here.