Katherine Nelson: multi-millionaire Robert Rosenkranz’s Mistress


Meet Katherine Nelson, a NY woman who claims she had a 4-year-long affair with millionaire, Robert Rosenkranz, a Harvard and Yale graduate who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the CEO of Delphi Financial Group.


Ms Nelson has filed a lawsuit that claims she began an affair with Mr Rosenkranz, four years ago and that he even once introduced her as his wife at a Yale University meeting, according to the New York Daily News.


Back in May Nelson signed a ‘money-for-sex’ agreement that ordered her not to discuss the relationship persuaded by the promise of a six-figure sum, that she never got! Now, she is ready to speak out and she’s asking a judge to void the agreement.



The blonde and Robert who –is married to Alexandra Munroe –ended the relationship after Nelson caught him with another woman and he pretended not to know her.



Nelson who was asked to leave the restaurant where she confronted her lover with another woman, tweeted a note written by Rosenkranz to his wife! With the words: “You must have known.”

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