Suzy Monty- U. K.’s Oldest Glamour Model

suzy monty 1 pic

Suzy Monty, who began modeling at the young age of 10, and modeled during her 20’s and 30’s, had to give it up in her 40’s due to a severe onset of glandular  fever, a viral infection that causes flu-like symptoms of varying severity which can persist for several weeks or longer. She returned to her home in Truro, Cornwall.

One day, after almost twenty years of retirement, she saw photographs of Helen Mirren looking great in a bikini. She says, ”I missed modeling, but but didn’t consider going back to it until I saw Helen on the beach”   She thought that at five years older she looked as good as Helen.

But the road back was not so easy. The modeling agency wanted an older model who looked more “grandmotherly”. Suzy’s point was that she wanted to be the older model with the younger look and body.  Finally she found the right agency which realized her potential. She’s very happy to report that she is doing a lot of fashion shoots and once in a while a glamour one.

Suzy’s passion is modeling even though it’s a lot of hard work if you want to get to the top. She keeps her face and figure young by eating healthy, avoiding sunbathing and not using make-up on a daily basis. Another thing she does is take long walks along the beach with her dog. But her best trick for keeping youthful, even at 62, is to keep smiling. In her words, “I honestly think people these days don’t smile enough, I smile at everyone, even animals.”  Great advice for all of us!