Who is Lizzo’s Boyfriend?


Lizzo, the rap and R&B artist has become a worldwide sensation and everyone wants to know who shes dating!

Lizzo -real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson on April 27, 1988; took flute lessons, and played in her school’s marching band in Houston. She began rapping when she was 14, forming the group Cornrow Clique with her friends.

She later studied classical flute performance at the University of Houston but following the loss of her father she made the move to Minneapolis in 2011. In pursuit of a career in music she performed with a number of artists including Lizzo & the Larva Ink and the Chalice.


In September 2013 she released her debut album, Lizzobangers -which earned her local and national acclaim, and she toured the U.S. and U.K. with Har Mar Superstar after its release. Her 2015’s self-released Big Grrrl Small World -saw Lizzo adding more R&B and gospel to her sound.
However, this year has been major for the 31-year-old; with the released of her brash major-label debut and breakthrough album, Cuz I Love You -Lizzo has been busier than ever.
She was nominated for Best New Artist at this year’s VMAs and she’s currently up for eight Grammy Awards in January.
Lizzo who has been proving herself for quite a while now is definitely here to stay, however she appears to enjoy all the sucess on her own as she seems to be currently single.

When addressing her sexuality Lizzo has openly stated she does not ‘ascribe to just one thing’ adding that the ‘black and white spectrum’ doesn’t work for her. She further told Teen Vogue that her attraction isn’t limited to men.
Since hitting she music scene, the songstress has not identified a special someone so its safe to say that whether a boyfriend or girlfriend -she’s keeping a partner under the radar -if there is such title in her life.

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